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filtershopFilters don't just clean your air - they protect your HVAC system and keep it running smoothly! At Wolverton Air we offer a wide variety of Indoor Air Quality solutions. Here are some interesting articles on Indoor Air Quality that can help you make a more informed decision on what kind of solution suits your needs:
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carrier filtersFor the most part there a few options you can choose from:

  • UV lights – UV lights are installed into the ductwork somewhere near the indoor unit. Their primary purpose is keep mold and biofilms from forming in the cold, wet, and dark environment of the evaporator coil. UV lights do not create ozone, and do not filter out dust. This type of system needs to be used in conjunction with a filter system.
  • High-efficiency filters - These filters are designed to filter out contaminants in the air stream such as allergens (pollen, pet dander), and biological organisms (some germs, mold spores). The best type of filter for household use is anywhere between MERV 10-13. These do not create ozone.
  • PCO cleaners – It usually has a UV lamp and some type of catalyst (usually titanium dioxide) that reacts with certain molecules in the air to neutralize odors and kill some germs. These types of units usually do not produce large amounts of ozone, although some types can. These units also need to be used in conjunction with a filter system.
  • Electronic Air cleaners – this type usually needs to be installed when the furnace is installed. There are many different types of electronic air cleaners and they all operate differently. But most use the same principles: Usually the system comes in two parts. The first is a high MERV filter (usually somewhere between 11-15). The second is some type of metal mesh or metal grid in which a very high voltage is applied to. The amount of ozone produced depends on the design and model. The EPA recommends for a healthy living space that ozone particles be less than 50 parts per billion. 



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